Doctor Who: The Radio Rassilon Podcast

With over 50 years of Doctor Who to discuss, Harry and Leeson are never lost for words. Whether or not they can agree however, is a completely different matter.

Radio Rassilon: It Takes You Away

September 16th, 2019



Join us after something of a hiatus as the Rassimen break down the penultimate episode of this series (season) of T’Oo.

It’s hard work now, people. The boys are not enjoying it as much as they once did and are finding it difficult to find positive things to say (except it’s not Jodie’s fault!)

Not even The Actor Kevin Eldon can lift their spirits, as he’s buried under more make up than Harry’s mum at a fire station.

But fear’s nearly over...nearly over...

From pizza to burial at sea, via The Matrix and muggings...

Human beings of this planet known as Earth, please stand up straight and clap once above your head...

It’s The Radio Rassilon Podcast

Radio Rassilon : The Witchfinders

April 30th, 2019




Remember JUST LAST EPISODE when both Harry and Leeson (mainly Harry) said NEVER AGAIN would they do a podcast with a youngster present in the Podpodchatcave(mk4)(tm)?

NEITHER DO THEY! And - in a mighty Rassilon first - they’ve got both JNT and IamWilliam in to dissect The Witchywoofinders!

Will they be driven to distraction, or will the Padawans provide a rainbow of calm, sophisticated discourse?

( I even need to say it?)

How many times will IamWilliam clap after being told to try not to clap?


From Ritasue to Bobtoo, via exasperated dads and hair loss in a soundproofed box room...

All humans of this good Earth please upstand and enjoy...

It’s The Radio Rassilon Podcast

Radio Rassilon: Kerblam!

February 25th, 2019


Radio Rassilon 87: Kerblah!


Remember that episode in 2013 where the Rassifellas swore never to let anyone shorter than Leeson on the podcast again?

Neither do they!

It’s the returnereth of the tiny Hawaiian shirt wearing producer, JNT!

Does JNT lend an air of sophistication to the proceedings? Is he quick with a celebrity anecdote when dead air threatens? With his guidance and wit do they finally, really and truly break down an episode of Doctor Who with something valid to say?

...your guess is as good as theirs, as the recording session was such a nightmare that all involved had to drink the memories away with super strong cough syrup.

From “never again” to “no, never” via “I MEAN IT” and “THIS IS THE LAST TIME”...

Lady/gent/everything in between, please cough responsibly...

It’s The Radio Rassilon Podcast


Radio Rassilon: Demons Of The Punjab

January 29th, 2019



Join the Rassiboys as they dissect episode six (or seven!) of this series 11 of The Doctor Whose.

It’s another racially charged one, but they advisedly steer clear of “solving” anything this episode and instead concentrate on the ‘main man’ of this story - that’s right, YAZ!

Did we drink from the depths of Lake Yaz and find a sparkling, thirst quenching soup, with satisfying innards (it you’ll pardon the mixed metaphor)? (Spoiler: no)

Thanks for your contributions, we appreciate it!

From Partition to prostate (again), via EPs and disappointment...

Lady/gent/grim reaper, put your hands together and welcome little baby Rassilon into your ears...

It’s The Radio Rassilon Podcast