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With over 50 years of Doctor Who to discuss, Harry and Leeson are never lost for words. Whether or not they can agree however, is a completely different matter.

Radio Rassilon :Attack of the Tomb of the Silver Nemesis Nightmares

July 20th, 2013

It's that time of the year when a new Rassisode plops out of the pub and into your earholes, Rassifans!

Harry and Leeson celebrate being published (if edited) authors, Iamwilliam is too busy fighting The Dark Side with Lego to take a phone call and it is far too hot for any of them to wear clothes. Except JNT and Leeson who both wore a nappy.

Did they like "the Gaiman episode"? Was it a good idea to go to the pub in the sun beforehand? And what's going on with Leeson's fly?

With contributions from @digspinach, @terriwestgate and Paul Carlton Brown.

You can purchase Celebrate Regenerate (50 years of Doctor Who celebrated by fans) or read a free version here:

From hot to tepid via silver nightmares and just nightmares...
Ladies, gentlemans - it's The Radio Rassilon Podcast
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