Doctor Who: The Radio Rassilon Podcast

With over 50 years of Doctor Who to discuss, Harry and Leeson are never lost for words. Whether or not they can agree however, is a completely different matter.

Radio Rassilon Episode 41

July 20th, 2016

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Old age comes to us all, and - just like the onset of the semi-incontinent mid-sleep wee need - Rassilon must returnereth!

Join Harry and Leeson on a typically ramshackle look at The Day of the Doctor;

Will Leeson have overthinked...overthunk...overthinkered everything? (Hint: of course he will!)

Will Harry immediately dismiss any opinion or fact fired at his tiny faceholes? (Hint: of course he will!)

From science fiction to science via two arseholes who love the sound of their own voices and booze,

Lady...gentleman...the answer to the life dream you never even knew you had...

Please upstand;

It's the Radio Rassilon Podcast

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