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With over 50 years of Doctor Who to discuss, Harry and Leeson are never lost for words. Whether or not they can agree however, is a completely different matter.

Radio Rassilon: The Tsuranga Conundrum

December 22nd, 2018


Radio Rassilon 84: The Blahblah Conundrum


Having eradicated both racism and homophobia in the last two episodes, the Rassiboys don’t have anything left to solve for you, so they concentrate on Christmas.

Not really, of course - there’s loads left to solve*!

Discussing The Blahblah Conundrum brings up all the usual post-Weinstein, post-feminism, post-Savile, post-racism, post-last post for Christmas awkwardness that you’ve come to expect. AND MORE!

Not only that, but Leeson insists on telling what may well be the most disturbing Christmas market story in the history of Christmas. And markets.

From poop to pudding (Christmas), via winkles and well wishes...

Lady/gentleman/the real Santa,
Get yer tiny pig in it’s’s The Radio Rassilon Podcast

*they forgot about Christmas.

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