Doctor Who: The Radio Rassilon Podcast

With over 50 years of Doctor Who to discuss, Harry and Leeson are never lost for words. Whether or not they can agree however, is a completely different matter.

Radio Rassilon : The Witchfinders

April 30th, 2019




Remember JUST LAST EPISODE when both Harry and Leeson (mainly Harry) said NEVER AGAIN would they do a podcast with a youngster present in the Podpodchatcave(mk4)(tm)?

NEITHER DO THEY! And - in a mighty Rassilon first - they’ve got both JNT and IamWilliam in to dissect The Witchywoofinders!

Will they be driven to distraction, or will the Padawans provide a rainbow of calm, sophisticated discourse?

( I even need to say it?)

How many times will IamWilliam clap after being told to try not to clap?


From Ritasue to Bobtoo, via exasperated dads and hair loss in a soundproofed box room...

All humans of this good Earth please upstand and enjoy...

It’s The Radio Rassilon Podcast

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